For Evaluators

*The District 53 Speakers Bureau will be officially launched in late 2017. If you are an event venue looking for future speakers, and you would like to be put on our mailing list, please email us

Criteria for judges/speaker evaluators

  • At least a ACB and CL Toastmasters certification.
  • Availability to do at least one phone interview per month for new speakers
  • Be available to view at least 2 speakers per month submitted videos and review their applications and give feedback to the Speakers Bureau chair.
  • Experience in club, area or division leadership is helpful but not required
  • Experience in club, area or division contests especially evaluation contests helpful but not required.
  • A commitment of at least a year being available to evaluate new speakers
  • An evaluator may not also be a speaker for the speakers bureau.
  • The ability to be objective if already familiar with a speaker and base their evaluation of the speaker on the videos submitted and on the application. A speaker may have seen someone speak a year ago but the speaker may have drastically improved in that year.
  • Return phone or emails from the speakers bureau chair within 48 hours of a normal business week.
  • If asked to review speakers videos and application to do so within 48 hours of a normal business week.

Why be a judge/evaluator for the speakers bureau

  • It looks great on a resume and on your Linkedin profile.
  • It’s great experience
  • It helps you to become a better evaluator
  • You have your own listing and bio on the Speakers Bureau website listing your bio, a photo and any links you may want to promote, either personal, business or Toastmasters club including any social media links as well. (Paid Speakers may want to consider being an evaluator, as you do have the opportunity to promote your business here).
  • The time commitment is only a couple of hours or month or less.